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The Real (HD, New, TV-PG) Matthew Modine of "Miss Virginia"; "Hotline Bling: Spot The Bling"; "Woman Crush Wednesday."
The Wendy Williams Show (HD, New, TV-PG) Adam Pally discusses "Indebted"; a co-host gets the chance to win a beach vacation during "20 in 20."
America Says Team Sci-Fi vs. The Ponces (HD, TV-PG) Team Sci-Fi face off against an opposing group, The Ponces, in a three-round guessing game to determine how Americans answered surveys.
America Says The Faculty vs. Animal Rescuers (HD, TV-PG) A couple of faculty members come face-to-face against animal rescuers as they struggle to fill in the most surveys within three timed rounds.

« A Patch of Blue (TV-PG, NR, ***+) A sensitive blind white girl falls deeply in love with a compassionate black man, despite her cruel and prejudiced mother's strenuous objections.
Buck and the Preacher

Super Password (TV-G) Contestants are paired with celebrities to convey the secret password, describing things about the word to help their teammate come up with the correct answer.
Tattletales (TV-G) Three celebrity couples reveal details about their personal lives, as each spouse answers questions in hopes of matching his or her partner's answer.
Card Sharks (TV-G) The host challenges contestants to guess whether card values are higher or lower than the card before, in this variation on the card game acey deucy.
Card Sharks (TV-G) Contestants answer trivia questions and must guess if the value of a card is higher or lower than a previous number to gain control of a row of playing cards.
Match Game (TV-G) A celebrity panel is given a sentence with a missing word and they fill in the blank and the contestants score points by matching any of their answers.
Match Game (TV-G) A celebrity panel is given a sentence with a missing word and they fill in the blank and the contestants score points by matching any of their answers.

The Bob Newhart Show Carol Ankles for Indie-Prod (TV-G) Carol tells Bob and Jerry that she is leaving the medical office in order to pursue a more lucrative job opportunity working for Mr. Carlin.
The Bob Newhart Show Crisis in Education (TV-G) Emily is forced to deal with a group of protesting parents after her principal leaves town in an attempt to avoid the controversy altogether.
Newhart Draw Partner (TV-PG) Dick learns that his favorite illustrator has been assigned to collaborate with him on his latest book, but while excited, he learns the feeling is not mutual.
Newhart A Midseason's Night Dream (TV-PG) A peak inside the nocturnal fantasies of several characters shows Michael running three major TV networks and Larry hosting "The Tonight Show."
The Jeffersons A Date with Danger (TV-G) During a party, Florence hits it off with a famous author and plans to have a date with him, but George and Louise find out he is a felon.
The Jeffersons Death Smiles on a Dry Cleaner, Part 1 (TV-G) George and Louise take Florence on a special cruise that features a murder mystery, but the trip ends up more than they expected when someone is really killed.

Medium Pain Killer (HD, TV-PG) Allison feels that a hospital staff member is responsible for the untimely death of her cancer-stricken friend; Joe takes cues from Bridgette's story.
Crossing Jordan Blue Christmas (HD, TV-14) Garrett launches a coroner's investigation into a cop killer's death after clues point to a vengeful policeman who went too far in making the arrest.
Crossing Jordan Wrong Place, Wrong Time (HD, TV-14) Jordan and Garrett investigate a foiled bank robbery that left both a customer and a thief disguised as Bill Clinton dead.
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